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Orchard Tours

Apple Orchard

September through Thanksgiving

  Monday thru Friday by appointment

Children can tour the orchard and will be shown how to pick an apple (correctly).  They will be given a container which will hold about 3 apples.  They will learn about the different varieties of apples and observe the differences in color and shape of the apples.—then they will return to  the barn and have a demonstration of our apple peeler (it will make apple slinkies!).  Next we will serve a treat of apple cookies and glass of apple cider, and each child will get apple stickers to take home with the apples they have picked at Denver Dan’s…..there is more to do at Denver Dan’s–Cookin’ Kids, and making apple Wreaths!–Check it out.

We do have lunches and desserts but many groups bring picnic lunches-  we do have picnic areas.. It’s a fun time for all!  ‘Fee $7.00   Minimum-5 children or adults


If you are interested in Sara’s Animals, you can make arrangements to do both or you can also coordinate with “Cookin’ Kids” and make a day of it.  Hope to see you.  Contact persons: Shirley or Mary at 530-644-6881 9am-5pm daily   Fee–contact Sara at A for Animals-she makes her own arrangements-  Sara is available Wed or Thurs

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