Apples on the Treephoto by CindyH Photography
Established in 1962, Denver Dan’s (#14) is one of the oldest ranches in “Apple Hill.” Our guests, young and old alike, enjoy a “back-to-the-farm” experience, where they can pick apples, savor our delicious baked goods, sample our wide variety of tasty jams and jellies, shop in our crafts and gift store, watch and pet farm animals, or simply enjoy an outdoor picnic in our orchards.

The kids can even participate in “Cookin’ Kids” or Apple Wreath Making classes. We also offer tastings of our newest product line: Gourmet vinegars.  All food and craft items are handmade and can be gift packaged on the premises.

Take a look at our website.  We hope it will introduce you to who we are and where to find us, and also offer you the opportunity to order our delicious products and gifts year-round!